Anonymous asked:
Soon cuddle , stit on your lap cuddle , laying down cuddle?


Anonymous asked:
What kind of cuddler are you?

What does that even mean?

Anonymous asked:
Whats making you want to work out?

The fact that I haven’t in a while and I’m out of shape

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I’ve decided to start seriously working out again. Hopefully this decision lasts longer than my decision to start the 30 day writing challenge….

Tonight’s fish: 24 inch Lake Trout and a 15 inch Salmon!

Baby raccoons on the beach!

The guard dog keeping ducks off of the beach

These dudes can’t hang and that sucks

Kanye West

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Starring: Ferrari Enzo
(by Kyter MC)


RWB AYU (by ryan.watson)


Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (by Alex Tillman)